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Annual Awards 2015 Vizsla Association...!

guus jaarprijzen 2015 On May 28th, the annual awards were presented after the Assembly. Fényes Varázs Gusztáv (Guus) was again one of the winners! He is "Best Exterior Vizsla 2015" of the Dutch Vizsla Association.
And then also Fényes Varázs Glenda (Glenda) with only one point difference was second "Best Vizsla 'before the shot' 2015 '. But still the best Wirehaired Vizsla in this category :)
And finally in the category "Best Vizsla 'after the shot' 2015" a Fényes Varázs descendant ended with the first three! Fényes Varázs Cesar Beuk (Beuk) of Irene Reinders became 3rd!
And so we were quite well represented at the annual awards this year!