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Fényes Varázs Báró (Bob)


born 5-08-2009
LOSH 9139601 (NHSB 2759853)
DNA registered
Sire : Kamp. Bátor-Réti Frédi
Damr : Ned. Int. Kamp Quodijin's Catou JW, W`05 


Exterior : CAC, CACIB, BOB

Work : Fieldtrial Autumn Youth 'Goed'

Owner: S. Fonteyne

This beautiful male is a son of Bátor-Réti Frédi and Quodijin's Catou (our B-litter from 2009). Bob lives in Belgium with Sarah & Co. He has a lot of drive, a sweet and enthousiastic character. Social and friendly to other dogs and a real friend for children like (son) Lewis and friends. He has a fieldwork qualification, an "Honorable Mention" at a fieldtrial, passed his basic retrieving test and has an Excellent exterior.

Bob is available as a stud for suitable bitches.

Evenement Resultaat/punten Categorie Plaatsing
Kampioenschapsclubmatch 2010 Excellent
Youth 1st
Obedience A to B 6-04-2011 Passed 63/70
Test Social behaviour KUSH 23-04-'11 Passed
Obedience B to C 7-09-2011 Passed 63/70
Kampioenschapsclubmatch 2011 Excellent Openclass 1st

Fieldtrial Fijnaart, 8-10-2011

2nd Very Good  Youth 1st
Fieldtrial Steenbergen, 24-3-2012 Honorable mention Novice  
Vizsladay 3-6-2012 Basisdiploma 43 points, passed Basic  
Vizsladay 3-6-2012 Exterieur Excellent Open  
Brabo show Antwerp 13-04-2013 Excellent
Open 1st, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Click here for a summary document of the results of Bob 
Click here for the Certificate Admission Losh-Breeding
His HD certificate incorrectly states that he is shorthaired Vizsla (a new document is on the way).