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Fényes Varázs Gusztáv (Guus)

DSC 0278bw2

born 13-03-2013
NHSB 2916837
DNA registered
60,5 cm / 23.8 inch
26,4 kg / 58.2 pounds
Sire : Kamp. Quodian's Glen Talloch JWW'10, CW'11, W'11, BDSSG'11, VJP, HZP, CW'12
Dam : Fényes Varázs Büszke

Eyes Clear, including gonioscopy
Hyperuricosuria free (N/N) / HUU clear
Longhair free (L/L)

Exterior : CAC, CACIB, BOB, Clubwinner 2015, Dutch Champion, placement 3 gundoggroup, selected "Dog of the Year Show 2014", Winner group 7 "Dog of the Year Show 2015", Dogshow "The Utrecht" 2016 winner group 7, European Winner'16, Benelux Winner'16, Belgian Winner'16, Clubshow 2016 BOS, Amsterdam Winner'16.
Work. : Fieldtrial autumn Youth 'Good', SJP (Standard Gundog Exam) B-diploma 

10-10-2016 with Daniavizslas Britta, 8 pups 4/4
07-03-2018 with Csepregi-Vadász Alma, 8 pups 6/2

This beautiful dog is from our G-litter from 2013. 
He has an extremely sweet and social character. Always relaxed and yet very excited when working and playing.
He has a field qualification, and still follows training for retrieving. Also at shows he's doing very well. At the first picture he was only a year old.

Event Result/points Category Placement
Winnershow december 2013 Very Good Youth 2nd
Leiden 22 march 2014 Excellent, CAC Youth 1st, BOB, 3rd Gundoggroup
Basic Hunting Test (JBT) 10 mei '14 Excellent exterior
Field trial 27th september 2014 Good Youth
Dog of the Year Show 2014 Selected last 6 Gundog group yes
Winnershow december 2014 Excellent, RES CAC Workingclass 2nd
Int. show Hoogstraten, Belgium '15 Excellent, CAC, CACIB Workingclass  1st, BOB
Dogshow Rotterdam 25th July 2015 Excellent, CAC, CACIB  Workingclass BOB, Best Working Dog of the show
Clubmatch Dutch Vizsla Club Excellent, CAC, Clubwinner Workingclass  1st, BOB, Clubwinner '15
Winner Amsterdam Excellent, Res, CAC Workingclass 1st
Dog of the Year Show 2015 at 1-10-'16 Winner Group 7 Exterior 1st
Dogshow De Utrecht 09-4-2016 Excellent, CAC, CACIB Championsclass 1st, BOB, groupwinner 
"Huntingdogshow" 22-5-'16 Excellent, CAC, 2nd Group 7 Exterior 1st, BOB, 2nd in group 
European Dogshow Brussel 26-8-'16 Excellent, CAC, CACIB Exterior 1st, BOB, EW'16, Benelux W'16, Belgian W'16
SJP Haaften  B diploma 65 points Retrieving  
Clubshow 11-9-2016 Excellent, CAC Exterior 1st, BOS
SJP Haaften  B diploma 73 points Retrieving  
Clubshow Hongarije Apaj 1 oct 2016 Excellent, CAC Championsclass 2nd
Winnershow 10 december 2016 Excellent, CAC, CACIB Championsclass 1st, BOB, Winner'16
Crufts 11th March 2017 Uitmuntend Working & Open 1st and 3rd