"Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really." - Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Vizsla Draadhaar en Ruwhaar Teckel Kennel Fényes Varázs

Vizsla Draadhaar... de jachthond met vele gezichten...

Kyra †, Catou , Aziyze , Tess, Büszke, Glenda, Dylle, Gündi, Gyopar, Kate en Leentje...


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Successes with three of the progeny of Fényes Varázs...!

Fényes Varázs Cesar Beuk has earned no less than 2 KJV A diplomas!
Gundogs Trial Klundert on 17-8-2015 with 91 points!
And KJV gundogs trial Heukelom on 29-8-2015 with 89 points!
Congratulations Irene and Beuk! What a superb performance with your first hunting dog!

roza beste combinatie delfland 2015 roza beste combinatie delfland 2015b

Marieke and Roza (Fényes Varázs Bente) were chosen at the KJV Hunting Group Delfland "Best Combination Huntinggroup Delfland 2015".
Another price to be proud of! Congratulations to you both!


pien 2015

Pien (Fényes Varázs Ebeltje) again succesfully done some some trials on bloodtracking in Germany!
On 19-07-2015 SchwhK (Tages Sieger / winner of the day Excellent 100/100 points)!
And on 23-08-2015 SchwhK / 40 (Excellent 92/100 points)!
Congratulations Erik and Pien! Wonderful performance again! All the stories of Pien can also be read on www.teckelpien.nl.