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Vizsla Draadhaar en Ruwhaar Teckel Kennel Fényes Varázs

Vizsla Draadhaar... de jachthond met vele gezichten...

Kyra †, Catou , Aziyze , Tess, Büszke, Glenda, Dylle, Gündi, Gyopar, Kate en Leentje...


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Jolie and Jiro Jeugdwinster and Jeugdwinner...!

At the Winnershow on sunday the 13th of december 2015....

Only 10 months old and brother and sister allready gained their first title at this biggest show in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam Winner. The results were: 
Fényes Varázs Jolie JeugdWinster (Youthwinster) and Best Youthdog
Fényes Varázs Jiro (Mees) JeugdWinner (Youthwinner)
Fényes Varázs Gusztáv Res.CAC, Res.CACIB ánd selected with the last 6 for Best Workingdog, but he didn't make it to the podium.
winner2015a3On this clip you can see how Fényes Varázs Gusztáv was selected at the Winner Show Amsterdam for Best Workingdog.

The clip starts where we almost enter the ring. Here You can see My Jolie make her round in the mainring...