"Honden zijn verbazingwekkende schepsels: ze geven onvoorwaardelijk hun liefde. Voor mij zijn ze het ideale voorbeeld van leven." - Gilda Radner

Vizsla Draadhaar en Ruwhaar Teckel Kennel Fényes Varázs

Vizsla Draadhaar... de jachthond met vele gezichten...

Kyra †, Catou , Aziyze , Tess, Büszke, Glenda, Dylle, Gündi, Gyopar, Kate en Leentje...


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Familiywalk - the 13th !!! - on 8th of november 2015...!

Such a big group we had! There were 22 offspring with some of their friends. Then I have not counted the own pack. It was a joy to wander through the dunes. Making a grouppicture is a difficult thing :). This should be practiced, but oh well ... it turned out nice anyway. In a rainy week, just one day with a radiant sun! Super timimg.

We walked this time with Cazs (Uncle Csepp), Abel (with cousin Devin) Kasja, Catoo, Chayka, Vera, Kenya, Senna Catoo (with cousin Binti), Zola, Evert (yippee for the first time!) Floris Hugo (of course :)), Guusje, Guus, Groucho, Mats, Helo, Sjors (with cousin Pip), Mees, Foss, Ginger and Janna! In addition, ofcourse also Duna and Ziyze (with mother and brother) and my own pack with Catou, Büszke, Glenda, Jolie, Tess and Dylle. We counted 34 dogs!
It was great and so much fun again. Also at the Kiosk, where we had something to eat and drink we chatted for some time. On to the next!


vizsla 2015

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