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Vizsla Draadhaar en Ruwhaar Teckel Kennel Fényes Varázs

Vizsla Draadhaar... de jachthond met vele gezichten...

Kyra †, Catou , Aziyze , Tess, Büszke, Glenda, Dylle, Gündi, Gyopar, Kate en Leentje...


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Glenda earned three qualifications Open class fieldtrail in Austria ...!

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In August we went for 10 days to Austria. First we trained for four days. Glenda was still not steady at the point before, and that had to be practiced a lot ...

We than had four days of competition in the Open class. They were - because it is outside the hunting season - CAC fieldtrials quail. Difficult, because it requires a lot of meticulous in hunting and a good nose to find those little birds. And then co-operation must also be optimal. The first day we had some trouble with the heat and maybe some excitement. But the following three days were very successful! More than we could have dreamed of! Glenda has done very well and was steady at every point (6 over 3 days). I'm so very proud! This was the final result ....
Day 2 - 1st place Excellent
Day 3 - 1st place Very Good
Day 4 - 2nd place Very Good